Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween Photos

So I am a little behind in posting these photos, but that's because I am teaching two sections of Effective Essay Writing (in addition to my day job). That leaves me with no time (or desire) to be on the laptop.

Halloween 2009 was a really fun day. We trick-or-treated twice. The first time was in the late afternoon on Connecticut Avenue, where all the shop owners distribute candy and hundreds of children swarm the sidewalks. Margot headed to CT Ave with her friend Emma but, once there, they paid little attention to one another and focused mostly on getting as much candy as they could. They saw a lot of classmates there and it was really a great time. That kind of neighborhood feel is exactly why we switched Margot to our neighborhood school. It was like Sesame Street, minus the Muppets.

After those festivities were done, we played at Emma's house for a bit and then returned home to eat some dinner and wait for dark. Once darkness fell, Min trick-or-treated on our street. My friend Jenn came down for the fun, and so the three of us walked our street in a steady light rain until Margot had enough. Then we got Thai take-out, pawed through her candy, and sent M to bed. A perfect day!

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