Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last Soccer Practice

This afternoon was the final soccer practice of the fall. Time is flying by! Margot was hot and cold on soccer this season. Some days she liked it, and some days she didn't. Today was one of the days she enjoyed it. The practice started sunny and crisp and then got called on account of rain; the rainstorm came out of nowhere and was cold and miserable.

(Sidenote - not to brag, but, well, that's what I do here, right? So it started raining HARD and all the parents and kids and nannies scattered, leaving the soccer equipment on the field. Since there was only another 10 minutes left to the last practice of the season, most people just sprinted to their cars and left. But Margot walked around the field with her coach - at no one's request - and picked up cones and corralled soccer balls until the field was clear. I was so proud of her. To be honest, I wanted to sprint to our car, too, but watching her help made my sopping hair and wet wool sweater completely worthwhile.)

Here are some photos I snapped before the rain:

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