Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday to Margot!

The craziness of the holiday season continued with Margot's 5th birthday on December 28. We just had a small celebration at home with me, Brodie, and Margot because her big birthday party is next weekend. We ate some cake (chocolate, with chocolate frosting), opened some presents (a scooter from me and Brodie was her big present), and spent the day doing things that are fun for Margot. We went to the candy store and let her compile a bag of candy from the loose candy bins. She went to tap dancing camp for a few hours in the afternoon with her friend Emma (now she wants to take tap in addition to her weekly ballet class). Brodie made pancakes for breakfast (still a favorite for Margot). I made Margot's specially requested dinner: broiled salmon, green beans, and latkes. Latkes! She actually asked me to make latkes! I'd never made them before, but I pulled the recipe from the Gourmet cookbook and they were delicious!

Happy birthday Margot!

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GrandmaD said...

That "5" looks suspiciously like an upsidedown "2"