Sunday, January 03, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

Today was Margot's birthday party. This was her first real birthday party that didn't just involve cake and singing with family. I'm glad we held off until age 5 to go for the big party, and I am also glad that we did it this particular year. Min was smiling ear-to-ear with 12 of her classmates, 3 of her 8 cousins, and 1 former schoolmate. That seems like a lot of kids, doesn't it? I realize now that she knows a pretty large circle of kids, and truly counts them as friends. It's nice, though, because I know all the parents (for the most part) and, more importantly, I like all of the parents. So her little social circle has quickly become part of my social circle.

A local gymnastics center hosted the party. The staff there took care of everything from leading the games to making the goody bags to cutting the cake and it was totally worth every dime! I highly recommend outsourcing your child's party if you can. It was very nice to come home to a clean house after the party. :)

When pressed about her favorite part of the party, Margot couldn't decide if it was the bouncy-train (like a moonbounce), the trampoline, or the princess cake. Mostly, though, her favorite part was that she got to go first for every single activity and, for 90 precious minutes, she got to call all the shots.


Mahlers On Safari said...

Happy Birthday Margot and contrats to you and Brodie for guiding her into such a lovely child. She looks so happy in those photos.


Mothering Mini said...

Thanks, Hally! That was a really nice thing to say! :)