Friday, February 26, 2010

True Love

Tonight Margot and I visited one of her school chums for pizza and a movie. The kids settled onto the couch - Margot, Quint, and Quint's little sister. I headed into the kitchen to make popcorn and Quint's mom started setting up the movie (Shrek) in the living room where the kids were sitting. Margot and Quint have been good buddies since school started last year. He's the prince to her princess games and, once in a while, she obliges and plays Transformers with him.

Margot: (Audible sigh.) "Quint S., I am going to marry you." (She actually called him by his whole name.)

Quint: (Covers his ears.) "Nonsense! That's nonsense!"

Margot: (Smiling.) "But I am. I AM going to marry you!"

Quint: (Hands still on ears.) "Nonsense!" he hollered.

Margot: (Turning to Quint's mom.) "I told Quint I love him."

Quint: "NONSENSE!!!!"


GrandmaD said...

Like mother,like daughter. You did that to poor Alec in preschool storytime at the library. He wound up in tears as you were describing the wedding cake. He cried, "All I want is a cupcake."

Mothering Mini said...

I'm pretty sure his name was Alex, not Alec.

Teal said...

Awwww!!!! That totally made my day :)