Sunday, February 28, 2010

Status Update

Last night Margot had a sleepover with her cousin Riley. As we drove north to pick up Riley, Margot asked me, "Do you think we could stay up late tonight? Could we stay up until 9?"

Now I know that there was no way the girls would go to bed at 8, which is Margot's usual bedtime, so I took advantage of the chance to look like a great mom.

"Sure," I answered. "You can stay up until 9." (Note - they were up until 10. But they were in bed by 9:20, and just had girly-girl chatting until 10, so it wasn't a big deal. The pre-dawn awakening and subsequent chatting, though, was another story.)

"Really!?!" Margot exclaimed. "We can stay up until 9? I can't wait! This is great." Then, the clincher: "I am going to put this on Facebook."

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