Friday, March 05, 2010

Cryptic Messages

Margot has taken to letter writing in the past few weeks. She has been penning notes to her cousins of reading age and dropping them in the mail/delivering them.

They require quite a bit of deciphering, however. First, she forgets to put spaces in between her words so sometimes theyallruntogetherlikethis. Also, her spelling is completely phonetic, so the letters may look like a jumble of nothing but do actually make sense if you sound them out.

For example, she made a picture for one of her school friends and wrote this at the top:


"Bew-kris?" I thought to myself. What does THAT mean?

I asked her about it.

"Oh," said Min. "It's for Beatrice."

Of course! Try sounding it out. B-uh-ch(like 'choo choo')-riss. BEATRICE. Completely logical.

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