Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ballet photos

Margot is going to take a brief break from ballet from April - September so she can swim more often. This is her choice. I hope she goes back to ballet eventually, because she's really good (for her age) and she's loved it since age 2, but if she doesn't want to I won't push her. (Note: Once she saw the camera come up, she became really goofy.)

On her toes: Plie with a smooch for mom: Blurry grand jete:

Also, here is a quick video from class. At the end of it, she's with one of her best girlfriends, Lucille. I love the still frame at the end where they are both smiling.

Finally, if you haven't yet had enough of Margot as dancer, you can look here to see how she's grown as a ballerina (the link is from 2 years ago). Also, here. Finally, here.

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grandmaD said...

Don't forget a link to her arabesque at the amphitheatre of Pompeii. I always thought that was real cool