Friday, July 16, 2010


Early this morning I awoke to vibrating and shaking. The bed buzzed, the pictures on the wall clattered, and the floors rumbled a bit. My first thought was, "Something in the basement is about to blow up!" I said aloud, "What is that?" A dazed Brodie thought a second and then mumbled, "Earthquake." And he was right. This was my first earthquake. I'm ok if it's my only earthquake.

Margot slept right through it. So did Portia. I thought dogs were supposed to sense these things! I find it funny that Portia slept through, actually, because the other night, when we had a wicked thunderstorm, she dashed up the stairs and burrowed under the covers on Margot's bed. So thunderstorms = terror but earthquakes = nonchalance in P's world.

A bit of irony: a few days ago, Margot asked me how earthquakes happen. I gave a demonstration of how the Earth's plates push on one another and how a quake happens when they shift. However, I think she was asking because she heard more about Haiti on the radio, and not because she is forecasting earthquakes. You never can tell, though.

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