Thursday, July 22, 2010

The List of Six

At bed tonight, Margot first confided in me that she's both excited and nervous for kindergarten. Almost in the same breath, she switched gears and told me there are six things she's really excited about:

1. Going to gymnastics camp in August
2. Our upcoming trip to Long Island
3. Going to Lake Anna with her cousins
4. Tubing in Jackson, WY, next winter (I was unaware that was on the agenda)
5. The first day of kindergarten
6. Tomorrow

The funny thing is, nothing in particular is happening tomorrow. She'll go to camp, play with friends, and go swimming. She'll probably get a popsicle at camp, and I think they have free play in the pool instead of lessons (she's a whiz at fetching those sinking toys from the bottom of the pool, apparently). But I wish I could end each day completely unable to wait for the next day to start, even when it's just going to be a regular day. We should all take a lesson from Mini!

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