Sunday, February 20, 2011

Visit to The Homestead

In order to break the monotony of winter, we took a quick overnight getaway to The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. The trip down there was rough - windy roads and hills make Margot extremely carsick - but she managed to hold it together with the help of a ginger ale.

Once there, we threw ourselves straight into the activities offered at the lodge. We swam, we had teatime, we went tubing, and we stuffed ourselves silly at the buffet dinner. We slept a few hours and then ate again, went skiing, and caught some trout. For a 24-hour getaway, we were busy!


Teal said...

So sassy!

GrandmaD said...

Don't forget to mention: this is where we (G'Ma and G'Pa Daileader) spent our honeymoon.AND This is where the Great-Grandparents Daileader used to go with the Corporate Secretaries of America.