Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Margot's Reading List

Margot and I are huge fans of our public library. It's close by, and she loves to get books and movies every few weeks. She usually leaves with a stack of 10-12 books.

Recently she's discovered non-fiction. (A girl after my own heart!) And some people in our family (I'm looking at YOU, Aunt Carol and Grandpa Daileader) will be happy to know that she has an interest in American history. Yesterday Margot wanted to find books on the Star Spangled Banner and the origin of the American flag, so we did. We also checked out books on the oceans, glaciers, and polar bears. She also is in the midst of the American Girl series on Rebecca Rubin.

It's exciting for me to see her so excited about reading and learning. Also, the refresher on American history will serve me well (you would think I'd know more history with all of the historians in my family, but I can definitely use a refresher on the War of 1812).

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Granddad-d said...

I can't wait to start giving her the real low down on the War between the States