Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Celebration

Yesterday was a lovely and busy Easter Sunday. The weather was perfect - 83 degrees and sunny. All of the azaelas burst open - I think it is safe to say that cold weather is gone for the season.

Margot, Brodie, and I started with breakfast (quiche and croissants) and then went to church. We managed to snag seats, too. We returned home and awaited our guests.

Sixteen people came for dinner yesterday afternoon and we ate on the deck. Unfortunately, I was so busy running around I didn't take any pictures. But there was an egg hunt for the kids (one thing our large yard is good for is egg hunting! Also sledding.). The little cousins all looked so cute in their Easter finery. The adults relaxed and talked. Right as we finished eating, there was a close bolt of lightening and crack of thunder. We cleared the table in an instant and everyone moved inside, but 10 minutes later it all blew over with no rain and we could move back outside. Happy Easter everyone!

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