Sunday, September 11, 2011

California Girl

Last weekend we took a whirlwind trip to California for a wedding. While there, we squeezed lots of fun things: SeaWorld, Disneyland, and a visit to one of Margot's earliest friends.

SeaWorld was a hit. It was there that we took Margot on her first roller coaster and she loved it! She is just tall enough (48 inches) to get to ride on all of the cool rides. We also watched the killer whale show. Despite sitting in the 'splash zone,' we did not get splashed by the orcas, much to Margot's disappointment.

She loved Disneyland, too, although not as much as I thought she would. Don't get me wrong, we all had a great time, but she's long past the princess stage so that kind of silliness had no appeal to her. She did delight in riding more roller coasters, though. Here we are coming down on Splash Mountain (I am tucked away behind Brodie):

If I were to sum up Disneyland in a few words they would be: hot, lines, fun, overpriced, and tiring. Still, I am glad that we got a check in that box. Now we can guiltlessly take vacations wherever we want to go and we can always remind Margot that once we took her to Disneyland.

Margot also had a few surf lessons in San Diego:

I was nervous about her swimming in the ocean with the waves, but she did great. She did get tumbled pretty good one time but she never lost her nerve and only emerged from the water when her lips were blue and she couldn't stop shivering. (Note that Brodie is wearing a wet suit and all Margot has is Brodie's rash guard.)

There may just be a California girl tucked away inside that little pale, East coast body of hers!

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What a champ!!